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The Local Area - Shopping

The boulangerie van comes to the village every morning- usually about 11.30-12noon (it is a rather moveable feast) You will hear her sound her horn & then she drives up Impasse des Roses to the end & turns round. If you stand outside & stop her you can get bread. She also sells pasta. If you want her to stop by each day just tell her how long you will be there & ask her to bring bread for you each day.
There is a very good boulangerie in Landes (about 3 minutes drive away and also open Sunday mornings). It is on your left at the crossroads just as you enter Landes village. It is closed on Wednesdays.

The epicerie in Landes (also at the crossroads) stocks all the basic necessities .

There are 2 large supermarkets - Leclerc & Intermarche in St Jean.

There is a butchers van that comes to the village on Thursday around 10am and also a grocery van that comes on Thursday too.

Most shops/ petrol stations are closed on Sundays. The Eco supermarket near the market square in St Jean is open Sunday morning until noon , & so is Ed on the road going out of St Jean in the direction of St Julien De L’’Escap and there are bakeries open in St Jean on a Sunday morning.

Many restaurants are closed on Sundays evening and all day Monday. Monday is not a very good day to eat out. Call first if you want to eat out Sunday evening or Monday to make sure they are open.

You can find a local market in the area pretty well any day of the week.

Our local market in market in St Jean is open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from early until about noon. Fresh veg, fruit, cheese, fish and seafood, meat and much more. The last Saturday in the month is a big market with livestock as well as produce.

Sunday morning there is a lovely street market just by the train station in Saintes. It’s about half an hour’s drive and has really nice produce. Aulnay also has an attractive Sunday market & Niort has a Saturday & Sunday market plus Tuesday & Thursday


There are 2 big supermarkets outside the centre of town- Leclerc and InterMarché open every day except Sunday. They are open approximately 9am 7pm Monday to Saturday and Intermarche is open Sunday morning.  Leclerc does not open at all on Sunday.

French supermarkets do not give away plastic carrier bags. They sell re-usable bags or you need to take your own.

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